Why Do We Save Pibbles?

A Pibble adores her people. Her world revolves around head skritches, belly rubs, kisses and snuggles. Her purpose in life is to love her family with her whole heart. She's happiest when you're with her and she waits patiently for you when you're gone. If you want a dog who has eyes only for you...you just might need a Pibble. Pibbles are American Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers....or any one of the three mixed with any other breed of dog. Major physical characteristics include blocky heads, muscular builds, short coats, and the most expressive eyes ever to be seen.

Pibbles are extremely intellegent dogs. They can be trained to do anything from basic obedience to search and rescue work. They are drug and bomb sniffers, therapy dogs and service dogs. Anything Lassie can do they can do better.

Many people don't know that Pibbles are the only breed of dog in history to be bred specifically NOT to bite humans. They have a high tolerance for pain and they are stoic. Because of this they are excellent with children of all ages. They can handle all of the ear pulling, eye poking, and tail yanking that an average toddler can dish out. It's no wonder that Pibbles used to be known as "nanny dogs".

These are not couch potato dogs. High energy and eager to please these guys participate and enjoy activites such as agility trials, weight pulling and flyball. The spirit with which they compete is contageous and strengthens the bond between man and his dog.

It's hard to imagine any person being as loyal and devoted to another being as Pibbles are.

On a Serious Note...

Pibbles are fantastic dogs. Unfortunately they have many obsticals standing in the way of allowing them to be the people loving dogs they are meant to be. Responsible ownership is the most important part of enhancing the positive traits of all animals. In the right hands a Pit Bull will flourish and radiate loyalty and adoration. They will do anything to please their people and find joy in clowning around to entertain anyone who will give them attention. As with any breed of dog, in the wrong hands, the sweet nature of a Pit Bull can be slowly snuffed out and instability can emerge. Many county run animals shelters will not adopt Pit Bulls out to the public. Others will allow adoptions but have strict guidelines that make it difficult for the average Pibble lover to qualify. Prince George's County in Maryland is the only county in the DC Metro area that prohibits Pit Bull ownership, though they will allow some Pit Bulls to be pulled by rescues and relocated to areas outside of their county. Pit Bulls were orignally bred to be fighting dogs. It was a cruel and disgusting reason to create a breed HOWEVER fighting dogs had one positive trait bred into them that is exclusive only to them. They were bred specifically NOT bite people. Ever. Handlers in the fighting pits had to know without a shadow of a doubt that they could put their hands into a writhing tangle of dogs fighting to the death and emerge unscathed. Any fighting dog that would even snap at a person was immediately culled and destroyed, no matter how good a fighter he was. Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) is a growing epidemic in many states. Media hype and public outcry have prompted lawmakers to try to put a Band-Aid on a problem that requires much more effort and diligence to overcome. Rather than enacting "dangerous dog" laws that would actually be easier to enforce they have instead opted to ban Pit Bulls in an attempt to prevent dog attacks on people. What the public doesn't know, and what the lawmakers and the media won't tell them, is that many, many attacks reported to be committed by Pit Bulls were actually the work of other breeds. Sometimes those other breeds resemble Pit Bulls, other times they aren't even remotely close. BSL doesn't work. The unethical, irresponsible owners who are the intended target of these laws will always find a way around it. Meanwhile the responsible owners of perfectly friendly, well socialized, well trained dogs will be devastated when their canine family members are confiscated and destroyed for no other reason than they are the wrong breed. Spreading the word about the joy of being owned by a Pit Bull is crucial to those of us who love and cherish our dogs. Good breed ambassadors are needed to parade around neighborhoods all over the US. Advocates need help reaching the Powers That Be to convince them that BSL is not the answer to dog bite problems. All dogs big and small should be held to the same standards of expectation. If you've never met a Pit Bull consider meeting one today. Public shelters and private rescues are full of them. Go out, say "Hi", and let the Pibbles capture your heart.

I love this quote.

There are many, many pit bulls in this country that are owned, loved, trained, and part of responsible dog-owning families. They remain largely unnoticed by the public and the media. ~Andrea Kilkenny This quote was taken from a letter to the editor in an Iowa newspaper regarding owner responsibility for dog bite prevention. The whole letter was good but this last part struck a chord with me. It's true that any time there's an attack on a person or animal by another dog it's almost always automatically deemed a Pit Bull. Sometimes the perpetrators are Pit Bulls. Many times they're not. We don't often hear about the search and rescue Pit Bulls or the Pit Bulls who are service dogs. Pit Bull type dogs make some of the best service dogs. They're bomb sniffers and drug dogs. They can even be used as police dogs...the capacity for them to learn and obey rivals that of the Malenois and Tervuren, highly sought after breeds for use as working dogs. It's true that most Pit Bulls need special management when it comes to being a house pet because of their prey drive and genetic dog aggression and there are hundreds of thousands of them out there living normal doggie lives with their families. However, it's the unsavory genetic programming that actually make them the best people oriented dogs. While breeding animal aggression in...human aggression was bred out. It used to be that the best dog fighting champion in the world would be killed and not allowed to mate if it ever so much as snapped at a person. I wish we could put the spotlight on the good dogs. I wish the media representation of ambassadogs was a priority...unfortunately warm and fuzzy editorials don't sell. We blame the media for the irresponsible reporting of dog attacks...but we should really blame ourselves. The media only prints what the public wants to read...and the public is fixated on the monster image of the Pit Bull. It's a damn shame.

Who Makes A Good Pit Bull Owner?

The following is a sidebar article published on Dogtime.com Pit bulls have the same needs as any other breed--quality time with their person, exercise (and lots of it, for younger pits), training, and socialization. But they have their own unique considerations too. Here's what to consider before you bring home a pit. You'll get some flak. No matter how sweet your pup is, this is a breed that can make people cross the street, give you strange looks, or make less-than-friendly comments. You may face discrimination. A landlord may turn you down for an apartment because of your pit bull; an insurance company may refuse to sell you a home owner's or renter's insurance policy. "People are shocked by how much public criticism and discrimination they get," says Reynolds. "This is the number one thing we try to prepare people for before they adopt." Your dog will be an example. With all the negative press they get, a badly-behaved pit bull does the whole breed no good. Training is critical; a Canine Good Citizen certificate can help win over skeptical landlords, neighbors, and friends. Know your dog's tolerance level. Some pits are dog-friendly, some are tolerant but will get into a fight if challenged, and some just don't play well with others. To keep everyone safe, you'll need to know your dog's attitude toward other canines, and and do everything you can to prevent a fight. BAD RAP has more on dog aggression in pit bulls. Keep your dog warm.
Pit bulls hate the cold. Plan to buy lots of cute


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